Kat Thomas – Owner

Hi there! I’m Kathleen, aka Kat! I have been married to an incredible man for over 10 years and we have two fantastically crazy boys! Our family loves all sports, but especially baseball! I was born and raised in the PNW, love to travel, full time entrepreneur and I LOVE WEDDINGS! 


The love for weddings started off with planning my own wedding and helping friends with theirs. That led me to becoming a certified wedding consultant and joining an award winning “Best of” The Knot & WeddingWire wedding coordination company. During my time there I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience which led me to starting my own company, Flowing White Events.


The fulfillment I get from helping a newlywed couple and relieving some of the many stresses of wedding planning is more than I can describe. The anticipation and excitement leading up to the main event, listening to the vows, seeing the love and joy throughout the day gives me an overwhelming sense of happiness. It makes the long, emotional hours of work worth every second. 


Aside from weddings, and being a travel ball mom, I am an Independent Travel Agent and work in Real Estate! I work efficiently under pressure, in a fast pace environment and I have a keen ability to get organized, multitask and think ahead. I am sincere, humble, imaginative and tenacious; harnessing these qualities to guide others across the threshold into their best future. From your wedding to honeymoon to purchasing a house, I want to guide you in all the major walks of life.


I look forward to working with you and helping make your special day and beyond, an absolute dream come true!

“I can’t say enough about my wedding planner, Kat Thomas. She did an awesome job of keeping me on track, and helping me plan everything. While she did a great job with details, I also appreciated her advice and recommendations throughout the planning process. With her managing everything, I was able to relax with a glass of wine on my wedding day, knowing that she had it all under control!” -Patricia

Trish Caddy – Planner

Hey-o! I’m Trish, social media marketer & business owner M-F but a wedding planner morning, noon, and night. I grew up in the PNW and absolutely love it here. Traveling is my favorite hobby! I recently got back from travels in the Middle East. I enjoy learning, seeing new cultures, and experiencing different aspects of life. I’m a very easy-going free spirit to whoever gets to know me.


Over the last 7+ years, I’ve been in and out of the wedding world, starting out as an assistant to a wedding photographer in San Francisco, CA. Wow, it was a dream come true! Traveling and capturing moments of a couple’s special day gave me a thrill. While there, I started assisting with a planner, but my time got cut short, and had to move back to WA. After being out of the field for a couple of years, I knew I felt something missing… Weddings! During our pandemic, I reached out to Kat and we hit it off. I’ve been a planner with Flowing White Events for 2 years running. Being a part of a couple’s wedding. Don’t be alarmed if I cry at your wedding, I LOVE, LOVE!

We’ve heard from friends who had hired wedding coordinators that it is worth every penny and now we understand why. Trish with Flowing White Events made our wedding day be so much more enjoyable for us. She helped me tremendously with getting the venue set up the way my wife wanted while she was able to enjoy getting ready with her bridesmaids. Having someone keep track of the time and keep you on schedule is must have and Trish is a master at this but without making you feel like you need to rush. She also handled some day of craziness caused by our other vendors and took it in stride. Trish was the rock we needed to make our day as great as it was and I would recommend her and Flowing White Events to anyone.”  -Lucas

Lindsay Petersen – Planner

HEY HEY HEY! I’m Lindsay! I’ve been doing Weddings for Family & Friends for a number of years and decided to take the plunge and become a planner full-time! I got my passion for event planning when I was 17 working at a summer camp and putting on large events for the kids and continued there until I was 20. There, I met my fantastic husband and have been happily married to him for over 10 years now. We have three kids who are always keeping us on our toes and leave us laughing most days. I’m super family oriented, love to have a good time, and enjoy a good trip to Disney.


When it comes to weddings, I can keep a cool head if things don’t go to plan in order to keep the couple stressed free. I can think fast on my feet to fix whatever is happening. I am hard working, organized, have an eye for detail, and have been known to think of ALLLLL the “What If’s” in order to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. I have worked with many different budgets and I LOVE taking a backyard, warehouse, or a non-conventional venue and turning into your dream venue. I am a strong advocate for the couple and will make sure what they want goes to plan one way or another.

“Lindsay was magic with pulling off our unconventional wedding. We used a budget venue. Aka, an old empty trucking warehouse. The venue came with so many challenges. Lindsay managed every detail in a way that made our day feel magical. She oversaw finicky heaters, candles going out, COVID regulations, floral delivery, tech glitches, equipment rental and countless other issues. She did so with such finesse that my guests and I only saw a perfectly executed event. If you are on the fence, go with Flowing White Events. I promise you won’t regret it.”  -Sydney

Wendy Cervantes – Planner

Hey, I’m Wendy, your friendly neighborhood wedding planner! I absolutely love bringing love stories to life and making weddings unforgettable. You know, those moments that make you say, “Wow, this is it!”

Apart from all the wedding buzz, I’m a total music and dance junkie. There’s something about the beat and rhythm of Latin music that just gets me. I’m a sucker for travel adventures with my partner. Exploring new places, trying out local food, and soaking in different vibes—it’s my way of keeping things fresh and exciting. Back home, I’ve got a furry sidekick, Santiago, who’s all about those cozy nights and lazy weekend strolls. Life’s all about the simple joys, right?


As your go-to wedding planner, I’m not just in it for the gorgeous setups; I’m here to create those “remember forever” moments. With loads of dedication, passion, and a sprinkle of wanderlust, I’m on a mission to turn your wedding dreams into reality, one special day at a time!

Cristine Ott – Planner

Hello hello! I’m Cristine, a seasoned event planner with a passion for creating unforgettable moments.  By day, I manage a crazy dental office – but my real passion kicks in when I get to dive into event planning.  I’m happily hitched and loving life on both the personal and professional fronts. 


When I’m not knee-deep in planning mode, you can bet I’m out in the wild, camping and soaking in the beauty of nature. Crafting is my jam too. I’m all about adding that personal touch to events, making them uniquely unforgettable. And when it’s time to kick back, you’ll find me dealing out cards or rolling the dice because, hey, who doesn’t love a good board game night?


Recently, I jumped on board with the Flowing White team as a planner. It’s like bringing my A-game to the ultimate love fest — orchestrating dream weddings that scream ‘forever.’


Whether I’m roughing it in the great outdoors, DIY-ing the coolest event decor, or making sure a couple says “I do” without a hitch, I’m all about turning every moment into a story worth telling. Life’s a party, and I’m here to make sure it’s one you’ll remember. Cheers to good times! ?

Milan Coate – Assistant

Hello everyone! My name is Milan Coate. I have been an assistant for Flowing White Events for about two years now. Coming to work for Flowing White was never in my plan after graduating high school, but I took a chance, and couldn’t be happier!


I began as an intern, became an assistant, and worked hard to finally say “I DO” to becoming a planner. For me, planning and assisting is so much fun. And I know what you’re thinking… “I could not plan a wedding, that is crazy!”, “How do you get all that done!”, “That is so stressful.”. But in reality, it’s a piece of Cake! I am so thankful to have my team, and to be with such an amazing company. My favorite thing is connecting with people, and building relationships, something that I utilize in this line of work. The word “stress” is not in my vocabulary, and I will do anything I can to make your day picturesque! So let’s put a ring on it!


Angela Parrott – Assistant

Hi, I’m Angela! I am the newest member of the Flowing White team. I started as an intern in July of 2023, now an assistant and soon to be a full blown event planner! I started to realize I had the passion for planning when I was in high school, from planning assemblies to fundraisers to dances. While attending Eastern Washington University (go eags), I became an intern for a local event planner in Spokane along with working for a country club that held many events. I actually enjoyed going to work knowing I can put my creativity to use and doing what I’m passionate about. Whether it’s weddings, baby showers, birthdays, corporate events or more, I want to help make your dream come true.


Aside from planning, I am very family oriented, love road trips, happy hours, traveling and sporting events. I look for the positives in every situation and always have a smile on my face. Flowing White Events is an amazing team and I’m so glad to get a part of it!

Thank you to Tiffany & Hailee for your wonderful years of planning with us at Flowing White Events! We love and will miss you!

-Kat & The Flowing White Events Team